"After reading your Introduction, the lure (so to speak) was firmly set.  I have never, never ever, not once, not at any time enjoyed a book about that stupid game as much as I did Golf Wisdom.  Not only was it a great read but the philosophy between the covers knocked my duffer's hat off."                                                                                                          Ray W.

"Just finished it for the second time.  I've read many and most of them are hard to read and keep my attention.  Some are just plain boring, some still sitting unfinished in my book case, not this one.  Looking forward to book two."

​                                                                                                      Jim H.

"In a literary world filled with every perspective on golf, this one contains information AND humor --- a powerful combination, even to a non-golfer."

                                                                                                   Marsha D.

"This is a must read for anyone.  There is great advice presented in a way that will make you better without all the pages of drills, how to and what not to do's.  Can't wait to play my next round."

                                                                                                    David T.

"Everyone who plays golf, who is contemplating playing golf or just enjoys watching golf on TV should absolutely read this book.  I guarantee you will be entertained and you might just learn something from "Under the Hat."

                                                                                                  Kathleen M.

"Great book!  A gifted story teller that makes golf relevant and personal for the reader.  I look forward to more from "Under the Hat."

                                                                                                      Jeff S.